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Activate your VIP account by depositing 100 AMTC to the 0xBc82b016cDAa54552741b531ed0B8b402f9718b8 , and get AMTC rewards for every friend you refer, plus get AMTC rewards when you completed a challenge!!



  • v1.0.47 – Rebalanced Armies
  • v1.0.36 – Updated Leaderboards
  • v1.0.35 – Protect the city with the legendary 3 kingdom heroes with powerful amber powers.


  1. Download Amber3Kingdom.
  2. Create an Ethereum wallet.
  3. Open the application.
  4. Register your email and wallet address that you have just created.
  • Activate your VIP account by depositing 100 AMTC to the 0xBc82b016cDAa54552741b531ed0B8b402f9718b8.
  • You need to activate your account first.
  • You can give your referral code on your friends to invite them.
  • You can earn reward leveling up, inviting friends and completing the challenges.
  • Daily at 5 pm, if you are at the top 10 of any of the 3 leaderboards.

  • You will receive a challenge related to the leaderboard which you are in.

  • Completing the challenge will grant you rich rewards that can be used to increase your character‘s powers

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